White Rhino grazing at Monate Lodge

Monday, 31 October 2011

Owner dehorns rhinos

The owner of a Jeffrey's Bay nature reserve believes dehorning the rhino on his property will minimise the risk of the animals being poached.

Johan Lottering has dehorned 10 of the 13 rhino on the reserve after being tipped off about a possible attack by poachers.

He said they plan to do this every two years.

Lottering said the horns have been stored in a safe at a bank.

“It is in a safe deposit in the bank because it’s too dangerous to keep it on the farm. We twice received tip-offs that people were about to strike over weekends but we had people out in the veld 24 hours a day over weekends,” he said.

Hundreds of rhino are poached every year in South Africa.

In the most recent incident, environmental officials and police have reportedly launched a manhunt for poachers who killed two white rhinos in the Sandveld Nature Reserve in the Free State.


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