White Rhino grazing at Monate Lodge

Monday, 31 October 2011

Baby Rhino Rescued From Tree

A crying three-week-old rhino was discovered with its head trapped in the fork of a tree.
  • Poachers had hit the calk over the head with a machete and shot its mother dead.
  • It took a half hour to free the calf since its head had swelled up.
A three-week-old South African rhino was rescued from a thorn tree after fleeing poachers who shot its mother dead and hit the calf over the head with a machete, a report said Thursday.
"I heard the little one cry, I saw it was trapped and was hurting, but I could not do anything until the vet arrived," game farm owner, Neels van Rensburg told Die Beeld newspaper.
The bleating baby white rhino was discovered with its head trapped in a v-shaped fork of a small tree near the carcass of its mother on a game farm near Pretoria. The cow had been shot in the heart and head.

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