White Rhino grazing at Monate Lodge

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Eastern Cape Rhino Project

The Association of All Wheel Drive Clubs of South Africa Interclub family day 13 August, Rust de Winter, is raising funds in support of the Eastern Cape Rhino Project. Their contribution will benefit anti-poaching rangers within the Eastern Cape Tourism and Parks Board.
Aimed and increasing awareness and raising funds for rhino protection projects in these areas, the Eastern Cape has mercifully not yet suffered the onslaught that has hit other parts of the country. Funds raised in this region from the sale of StopRhinoPoaching.com Rhino Bands, Stickers and Keyrings will be used exclusively towards this proactive approach to protect the Eastern Cape's rhino.
The Land Cruiser Club Southern Africa custodians have approved the adoption of the “Stop Rhino Poaching” initiative as the conservation effort of choice for this year’s Interclub event. This is a revolutionary approach to the event as no other clubs have dedicated the event to a conservation effort before. LCCSA leading the pack again! The Interclub Family day will be hosted on the 13th of August 2011 at Rust de Winter, North of Pretoria. Elise de Villiers, the founder of the “Stop Rhino Poaching” initiative, in conjunction with the LCCSA-AAWDC Interclub Family day committee has identified a project in the Eastern Cape that has been adopted. The project is currently underway where a group of 8 rangers have been identified that will receive intensive anti-Poaching and survival training. The LCCSA has made a declaration that all remaining proceeds generated by LCCSA for the event will be in aid of the fund. These funds will be used to provide the necessary equipment required by the 8 field rangers. 
The Eastern Cape project was adopted as the committee believes the approach will make a meaningful contribution to the environment and social-economics of the region. With the right equipment the field rangers will be able to provide the right level of protection. 

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